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My name is Tanya Bean-Garrett and I founded 21Reasons  501(3c).   My son Deston Tahjay Garrett (Nutter) was shot on June 9,2016 and took his last breath on June 11, 2016. After my son was murdered I decided to create an organization to turn my “Pain into  a Powerful Passion”.

The mission of 21Reasons is to heal and work with families that have gone through unforeseen tragedies like myself and to get community members young and old to engage with one another and understand the importance of Collaboration. We ,as Victims ,are never going to forget our loved ones but we have to learn to start a “New Normal” in life and heal at the same time.

The goal of 21Reasons is to see families in the communities collaborate, build relationships with other families and participate in life skills that will bring a positive awareness to the community.  I am truly a strong believer in healing and I will provide the space for many families to learn how to begin that process.

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